In the recent computing technology environment, the variety of software needed to perform essential functions has always posed a challenging operations management problem. Initial solutions relied on numerous human operators, whose salaries became a significant portion of the organization budget.

Operations became a very problematic that had to be fed constantly. Whole administrative structures were created to support it. The nature of people, led to a system that was prone to errors— resulting in more expense and complexity. The situation was out of control and something had to be done. We have ability to develop softwares that tackle such organizational routine operation into automated (human free) through softwares. This will increase efficiency, reliability and off course, cost savings.

Measurements of this new architecture will be reliable and predictable performance, nearly 100 percent availability, and as usual, accomplished with reduction in operational costs.

Example : Process Integration

Some organizations creating and maintaining excel files for MIS on daily basis through databases or Some one try to extract news or other material from internet and create XML files manually. We have options to develop softwares for these kinds of work. It automatically access information from databases to generate reports or extract data from websites directly and automatically generate XML files. No human being required for these type processes.

Benefits of automation

1. Cost Reduction
2. Productivity Increase
3. Availability
4. Reliability
5. Performance